We believe that;

there is a need and an opportunity to create an organisation which is focused on  increasing the likelihood on evidence based policy making and political impartiality.

The proposals are based on the following believes;

  • That many current issues, from climate changes to more social matters, are of global scale, multi factorial and with complex interactions.
  • That for many current issues there is already a wealth of science and experts available, allowing to develop adequate and long-term policies.
  • That it requires overall scientific competence to understand and identify the available scientific consensus on complex matters.
  • That politicians are faced with multiple sources of influences, including the party, which result in compromised, amended and delayed policy decisions.
  • That there is an unbalance of competences at political decision level with insufficient representatives having a solid and broad scientific background in particular in the ability to scientifically scrutinise data and policy options.
  • That limiting the political mandate to only one term of office, without the possibility of re-election would ensure continuous focus and allow the politician to work with increased independence.
  • That it shall be possible to find potential representatives which are ready to take up a political mandate as a sabbatical and to serve society out of duty of care, operating independently, with integrity and modesty, in search of the scientific evidence that supports the right and necessary policies.
  • That this initiative does not blindly supports the appeal to authority but considers that a just and balanced use of authority, in an independent way, has the highest likelihood to reach evidence based policies.
  • That it is human nature that established citizens will defend acquired rights and privileges, hence compromising progress. That therefore the younger generation should drive this quest for applying scientific excellence into policies that restore and create a society that allows all to prosper, with respect for the environment.
  • That science is neutral, transnational and remains the basis for progress. That scientific wonderment together with Art at large can be united to provide joy and meaning that transcend materialistic experiences.