Leading or governing?

Leaders are people excelling in a particular area.  However it is dangerous to believe that such leaders can guide on all areas.   History is full of leaders who received the public support while excelling in some areas but then continued making terrible mistakes.
The goal is not to find the best leader but instead to join up the best team to increase the likelihood for coherent and fact based policies. We need to move away from the current people centric and theatrical politics.
We need a team of policy makers, that are competent in analysing complex matters and can be trusted to work together in humility and respect for each other. Current global problems can only be solved with the help of science and science remains at the basis of societal progress, However scientists are underrepresented at policy making level. DOC politics’ goal is to restore this balance ensuring that sufficient policy makers have the right competences and can work fully focused and independently.  DOC politics ensures that scientists directly get involved at policy decision level.