Why allow representatives to serve only one office term?
For most politicians, politics is their livelihood, it should therefore not be a surprise that politicians in general will compromise and profile themselves in view of the best chance for re-election. Whether on the perceived right or left, politicians will always have in mind the expectations of their audience. Hence the audience defines the final policy directions.  But we know from popular debates that you can not expect the general public to be fully informed on many of todays complex policy issues. Political debates often become polarised, simplified, emotional to theatrical and far away from well reasoned and fact based argumentation. So how to avoid all this? By providing representatives full independence and a limited term of office only, policy decisions become decoupled from personal political career prospects. The representatives are well aware and accept to fully devote themselves for the entire office term only and out of duty of care to society.

For most policy areas, the underlying facts are known and held by knowledgeable people on all continents. Whether it is on socio-economic matters, migration, biodiversity or climate change, there is a wealth of research and data . In complex matters  the difficulty remains to identify the available scientific consensus for the best long-term policy options.  The large majority of current politicians do not have sufficient scientific background to perform  critical analysis of the available data.  Arguably would you not expect the policy maker, who has the power to define society, to be equipped to understand the facts and data?  DOC P seeks to identifies such capable representatives.

But how to ensure good moral and ethical decision making?
Also on the topic of ethics and moral decision making, there is important research and data available that should be taken into account when developing new policies.  Depending on the topic, representatives will be specifically supported with the latest moral and ethical research and information available.  In general, persons with a scientific mindset are less prone to pre-conceptions of e.g. a religious nature and have less intellectually compromising conflict of interests that could affect adequate moral and ethical decision making.

What is the political manifesto/ political program of DOC P?

A DOC P representative is not bound by a political manifesto. It is evident that major societal issues and world problems are at the centre of any policy maker.  She, he is expected to drive the political agenda away from any people centred politics and help focusing and identifying policy matters of urgency as well as providing input on long term policies. His/her input will be instrumental to progress and develop balanced, realistic but at the same time ambitious policies. Policies that allow Europe and make Europe as an example towards an open but law based society respecting the basic human rights principles (UN) and providing opportunities for personal development for all EU citizens. Making Europe able to absorb and benefit from continuous change and at the same time creating stable conditions of a law based society that allows all people to prosper and live life the fullest!