"Politicians do it all for themselves."

Do they?



For most politicians, politics is their livelihood.  It should therefore not be a surprise that politicians in general will compromise and profile themselves in view of the best chance for re-election.  An important part of their time  is dedicated to profiling activities, away from essential policy making duties.  And when their election campaign depends on their party and finances, current politicians are inevitably vulnerable for external influences.  Lastly, "power corrupts" is unfortunately a common phenomena when established political figures become focused on concentrating power for their own benefit often with disregard of their obligations towards society.


Duty of care (DOC) -icians  

Docisians, are crucially employed for one legislative period only.  Docisians are motivated to offer their competences as a service to society with a full focus on policy making.  After giving service during one period, docisians return to their previous professional activities and their duties are fulfilled by new competent DOC colleagues..   Such politicians can focus on their policy tasks for the entire legislative period.  Furthermore their full independence allows relying on their competences without being compromised by external pressures whether from a party or any other pressure groups.