The challenges are enormous and time is ticking. Our objective is to establish an organisation that brings together scientists from across the EU to stand as independent representatives for the EU parliamentary elections of 2024.


DOCEurope creates an environment that allows independent decision making with representatives that are competent in identifying the available scientific consensus on complex matters and translating this into long-term effective policies.  Representatives, who are willing to interrupt their professional activities for one legislative period only and to work for us, for Europe, out of “duty of care” .   The limitation to one legislative term, further guarantees for independence and full focus.


Where current politicians are expected to follow the party line in order to ensure the continued existence of the party and their positions, difficult but necessary policies that would go against their main electorate, are avoided. And polarisation and simplification is unfortunately used to ensure continued electoral support.

Instead, DOCEurope will be a true alternative for voters who are looking for competence and independence and expect urgent actions based on available evidence and scientific consensus.


This is not about a political programme that is left, right or centre. This is about allowing for a proper scientific based debate on complex issues, whether climate change, inequality, migrants etc…   We must ensure using the vast amount of science already available for proper evidence based decision making, that allows progressing our society with respect for the planet.


Science has brought progress to the world and remains our main hope to tackle the huge challenges.   Science is cross border and has the potential to unite people of different cultures.


Join us to create and support this organisation as a crucial step towards real change, All ingredients are available, today is an exciting opportunity to bring them together.